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How to Refactor Code

Seems obvious, right? You just edit it until it works the way you want it to. Not so fast. Reckless code changes will turn your project into a big ball of mud before you know it. Done in the right way you'll experience less frustration and fewer crises.

While you may write code as a developer, your main task is not writing code: it's removing ambiguity and mitigating project risks.

If you're working on a personal project or in a ☞

A Gherkin styleguide

Few, if any websites make useful recommendations about how to phrase Gherkin steps, so allow me to make some suggestions in the hope they will make life simpler.

Given steps establish state

Given steps describe a current, present, extant state of the test environment (I use the term loosely) before some (to be tested) action is performed.

The fact that your Given step definition likely creates that state in code behind the scenes is irrelevant.

  • Given steps must be in ☞